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Get back on the road with our unique lease to own program.


From the beginning of the rental process to the end, the team at SmartWay wants your tire purchasing experience to be fast, flexible and hassle-free. Approval is simple – we don’t care what your credit score is. All you need to get started is a source of income, a stable residence and a few friends for referrals.

Once you’re approved, you Pay Your Way by choosing a payment plan that fits your lifestyle. You can save money and pay your tires off early, or enjoy the ease of waiting a little longer – it’s your choice. Once you’ve finished the rental term or exercised the early payout option, you own the tires.


With tires starting at just $25, it’s easier than ever to get back on the road the Smart Way.

  • Fast, Easy Approvals – no credit checks or long wait times.

  • Brand New, Brand Name – we have the brands you need!

  • Pay Your Way – flexible lease purchase options.

It’s our passion to provide excellent service to our neighbors in Knoxville. Fill out the below form we’ll reach out with more information!


With a little explanation, it’s easy to figure out the size of your tires. If you’ve ever looked at the side of your tires, you’ll notice there’s a combination of letters and numbers written on the rubber sidewall. Those are the numbers we need!

We don’t check your credit or report any payments to credit bureaus! We don’t care if you have bad credit, horrible credit or no credit at all. There’s no loan involved and no obligation to complete the rental term when you shop with SmartTire.

We have a very simple and quick process in order to get approved. Your steady job, bank or debit card account, proof of ownership of your car and a few friends for reference is all you need. If you have any questions about our approval process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (865) 247-6544

Installation is included! Your tires are installed by one of our tire network specialists located across the greater Knoxville area, usually on the same day you place your order.

We’re located in the SmartWay showroom at 8416 Kingston Pike. SmartWay is right next to Burger King and across the street from the Walker Springs Shopping Center in West Knoxville.

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